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Jeffri Lynn Carrington and Zoé LaTerreur form the a cappella vocal duo, Accapellaré. They have been singing together for 7 years, and have developed a seamlessly beautiful sound and repertoire. Their two angelic voices combine to sing a wide range of classical, celtic, and world music, as well as unique and ethereal improvisations. They recently recorded a professional EP, which can be found here.

Rutendo Marimba

Rutendo Marimba plays the inspiring and joyful music of Zimbabwe. Playing on seven Zimbabwean-style marimbas and accompanied by vocals, drum kit and auxiliary percussion, Rutendo has performed at many venues around Southern Oregon including the Green Show, Art Along the Rogue, Earth Day, Talent Harvest Festival, Medford Multicultural Fair, Salmonfest, Daedalus, Midsummer's Dream and numerous Plaza performances.

Rutendo Marimba's energetic music is highly entertaining, danceable, and appeals to all ages. They will touch your heart and send your feet flying!

Jeffri & Jeff

Jeffri Lynn Carrington and Jeff Stanley have been performing together for over 4 years. Their music includes originals, folk and pop covers, jazz standards, and more. Jeff Stanley is a skilled guitartist, singer, and songwriter with a special flair. The combination between the two of them is one of heart, soul, and immense talent.

Adey Bell &
Venus Exalted

Adey Bell is a pianist, vocalist, composer, and Venus Exalted is the stunning ensemble that accompanies her. Their performances consist of Adey's original music plus some special covers, and they will bathe you in luminous, loving soundscapes of Beauty, Truth and Magic.

Timberline Express Big Band Publicity Photo_edited_edited.jpg

Timberline Express
Big Band

Formed in 2016, the Timberline Express Big Band is comprised of some of the most exceptional jazz musicians of the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon. The group seeks to produce music that respects the history and tradition of the big band genre, and also seeks to move it down the tracks to heightened conceptual realms, all within the highest standard of musical performance. Timberline Express rehearses regularly, records demos for TMC, and plays in performances at local venues, and at regional music and jazz festivals. 

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