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All donations go towards helping Jeffri continue to dedicate her life to singing, and help fund any recordings and videos she makes. You can choose to donate towards Jeffri Lynn's singing career monthly, annually, or just once. Choose the option that feels best to you! Monthly donors of $10 or more and annual donors of $120 or more will be considered "Patrons," and will receive special perks such as free concerts and recordings!


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A note from Jeffri Lynn:

Firstly, my deepest gratitude to those who support me in my singing career! It is my greatest joy to share my voice with the world, and your generosity means so much to me. Thank you!!

Something exciting is that I am working on recording an album of my original music! This first album will be lullabies - for adults and children alike! Recording this album has been a dream of mine for over 6 years. The songs are meant to help people feel relaxed and held in peace and love, and can be listened to at any time of the day, but might be especially helpful before bedtime.


If you feel inspired to give a one-time donation towards that album coming to fruition, I would be so very grateful! (*Select one-time on the form) If you give $20 or more, you will receive all of the tracks when they are finished.

With love and gratitude,

Jeffri Lynn Carrington